Tender Hearts Child Care & Learning Center
Each Classroom is equipped with Ipads that are used as a learning tool and as a way of communicating with your child's teacher.
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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the families of Rhode Island with an exceptional early childhood program in a safe, nurturing environment. We strive to give each child the opportunity to grow and develop physically, cognitively and socially in a safe, happy and caring place. We believe Tender Hearts is the perfect place for children to develop, learn and find self-esteem.

Who Are We

Tender Hearts Child Care and Learning Center is a privately owned, year-round child care and pre-school facility. Children who attend our program may enter at the age of six weeks and continue through Kindergarten. We are licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth & Families Services as well as the Department of Education. Our educational program is designed to fully prepare children for their formal school years. Tender Hearts Child Care and Learning Center offers comprehensive child care for all children regardless of religion, race, sex, disability, cultural heritage or national origin. Tender Hearts practices an open door policy for all parents and guardians. They are welcome to visit us at any time of the day; no appointment is required.
Our center provides peace of mind to those who seek a quality childcare and educational environment. Our parents can rest assured that each child is well cared for in a stimulating environment that allows for growth and development. Parents are the most significant people in a child's life. Tender Hearts strives to create mutual respect between parents and teachers, a partnership that benefits each child. We encourage daily communication with our staff. Our doors are open to parents/ guardians at all times. We continually work to earn the trust they have placed in us.

Our center is clean, healthy, safe and child-friendly. Each room has been specifically designed to provide the most secure and fun environment for each age group. Our classrooms are inviting. With interesting and challenging learning options and abundant displays of children's work, children enjoy each day.
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