Tender Hearts Child Care & Learning Center
Each Classroom is equipped with Ipads that are used as a learning tool and as a way of communicating with your child's teacher.
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Child Care FAQ

What security measures do you have on site?
All classrooms and playgrounds have security cameras that record 24 hours a day. If you have any question or concern regarding your child, please see the Director and she will be more than happy to review the tape with you.

All exterior doors are locked. When you register your child with us, we ask that you give us a list of people you give permission to pick up your child. We will need their driver's license number. Each time they come in they will have to stop at the Director's Office and she will escort them to your child. If they are not on your list, they will not be allowed to pick up a child. No exceptions.

Are gloves used when diapering?
Yes. We use latex free gloves when changing diapers, and we disinfect the changing table after each diaper change.

Are gloves used when handling food?
Yes. We use food prep gloves whenever food is prepared or handled.

Are infants held individually when feeding?
Yes. Your child will receive individual attention and be either held or rocked when receiving a bottle.

Are we a nut free facility?

Do you have guidelines for sick children?
Yes. We have listed them in our Parent Handbook and will gladly have our Nurse go over the list with you. We try very hard to keep children and staff healthy. However, if someone is sick, we want them to stay home where they can be taken care of without spreading their illness.

Can my child bring in a small stuffed animal for naptime?
Yes. Naptime should be a pleasant experience and sometimes just holding that favorite stuffed animal is all they need to rest comfortably. We only ask that you make it your responsibility to take it home with you each day.

What should I look for in a good child care facility?
Ask yourself these questions:

1. Does the facility appear clean, safe and comfortable for every child?
2. Are the Day care and Department of Education licenses visible?
3. Do the children seem happy; are they laughing, smiling and busy?
4. Do the caregivers talk to the children on their level, make eye contact and listen to what the children have to say?
5. Are the toys in the classroom and in the playgrounds age appropriate and in good condition?
6. Does the staff seem happy and working as a team?
7. Are the Director, teachers and owners available to speak with you at all times?

If you can say yes to all these questions, it is likely that you have found a good child care facility.

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